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About Douglas Wayne

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Douglas is a Nashville-based Americana artist who also works as a producer for a graphic design boutique. Originally from Virginia, Douglas embarked on a cross-country journey from his home state to Oregon, where he drove his way down to Los Angeles, California. Although having traveled through the hills and plains of America, his music-driven heart eventually led him all the way to East Nashville to pursue his love of music, soul, country, and blues. It’s also where he’s been living the past 17 years, and where he says he feels his most authentic self. “The eastern half, by contrast, is a more rebellious, more alternative, more anarchic sort of place. East Nashville seems more my kind of place.” Douglas also enjoys trout fishing and riding his Harley Davidson around town.


Throughout his career, Douglas has written with hit writers who became major label artists, but waited until his time was right to release his own music. His genre includes Americana and Alternative Country music. The seasoned songwriter expresses his range of thoughts on global warming, politics, love, and real life experiences. Douglas is also an advocate for animal rights and is involved in the cause to help save African elephants from being killed by poachers for the ivory trade.


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