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The Lightnin'

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The Lightnin’ is about the desire that keeps you hanging ‘round someone —something — that you really oughta move on from. I love how this track came together — the production and arrangement: Americana with a twist.

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Lyrics and Liners

After writing Jump On In and Sheer (and a couple others still lying round somewhere), I wanted to do something uptempo with a twist. The twist (for me, anyway) is in the chord progression which isn’t your standard 1-4-5. And I wanted to do something that didn’t sound just like Coyote. I came up with the primary guitar hook. My co-Producer, Daniel Dennis, came up with a second hook in the studio. It becomes a cool call & response thing. The track is really pulled together. As a songwriter, it was refreshing to find lines that work in the moment. This is a song about that desire which kills. Yeah, you oughta move on but…

You said a little bit of something
Is better than nothing… baby
I’ll take what I can get
Yeah I oughta know better
Go rest my mind with another
Ain’t ready for that yet

    You’re the thunder…the lightnin’
   You’re the thunder…the lightnin’

Wanting you ’slike driftin’ down
A long highway my thumb out
I know time’s a-wastin’
You play me ya don't think twice
I’m a sucker for the fire and ice
And I’m knocking on your door again

    >chorus (x2)<

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