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1. Jump On In

2. The Rings of Saturn

3. The Lightnin'

4. Sheer

5. Don't Let Me Down (Cover)

Saturn, the slowest moving planet, was named after the Roman God of time, renewal, and liberation. The Saturn Burlesque EP is a five-song cycle that ponders the passing of time and what we do with ours... from taking chances (Jump On In) to understanding the need to move on from someone or something (The Lightnin') to embracing a fleeting moment (Sheer).  A departure from the LP Coyote, the new EP from Douglas Wayne is Americana with a rock vibe.

Lyrics and Liners

Jump On It

If I could explain the writing of this track I would. I can’t. This is just one of those songs that comes out of the ether of inspiration. I did have an idea of the type of song I wanted to write: something with a repetitive, four on the floor chord structure. The rest flowed from there. The title and the pool analogy is an idea I’ve kept around for years now but have never written. The lyrics came quickly. For those who don’t know, the third verse refers to the Duck March at 

The Peabody in Memphis. Hopefully, the message of this one comes across as positive as intended. Once I got going on it, it was apparent right away that we'd need horns. We got three distinct horn parts plus the vamps in an hour then comped those together during the mix. 

Straight line two lane beach road

Driving a buck ten at 2AM

Crankin’ Big Star September Girls

I had no idea then

How soon this thing was changing

Like a spinnin’ top spun out

Ain’t been back there in so long

Got no reason to go now


Doing a buck ten lost in it

2AM ain’t no regrettin’

A buck ten lost in it


Stuck in constant closed loop

With thoughts slowly rollin’

They drift in and out of

The sentence for the sin

And the price, boy, that you’re paying

Can sometimes be too much

Yeah ya live it breathe it 

Ya keep it close enough


Doing a buck ten lost in it

2AM ain’t no regrettin’

A buck ten lost in it


Yeah ya live it breathe it 

Ya keep her close enough…


Doing a buck ten lost in it

2AM ain’t no regrettin’

A buck ten lost in it

Image by Claus Grünstäudl


Douglas Wayne - guitars, vocals

Daniel Dennis - guitars, bass, drums, percussion

John Shaw - steel guitar

Lee J. Turner - keyboards

Mike Daly - pedal steel

Tim Lorsch - fiddle, cello

Madison Hardy Dennis - background vocals


Produced by D.W. DeHart and Daniel Dennis

Recorded at Prime Cut Studio, East Nashville, TN

Engineered and Mixed by Daniel Dennis

Additional recording done at Bias Studios, Springfield, VA

Engineered by Ken Barnum

Mastered by Brian Lucey, Magic Garden Mastering, LA


All tracks written by Douglas Wayne

©2021 Nikwasi West Music, BMI


‘Coyote’ ©2023-2024 one horse nashville

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