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Image by Anthony Roberts


2. High Wire

3. LA

4. Lettin’ Go of Hangin’ On

5. Coyote


7. Bourbon & Water

8. I’m a-Gonna

9. Ain’t Young Ain’t Pretty

10. Primrose Mile

After years of writing and pitching on Music Row, I sat down one day with an idea for a song called ‘I’m a-Gonna’. I really liked how it turned out but didn’t think it was a great pitch to contemporary country artists so I decided to record it myself. Little did I know then that was the first song written and recorded for what would become the album ‘Coyote’.

Just a few months later came 'A BUCK TEN and High Wire.' Then ‘Lettin’ Go of Hangin’ On’ and ‘Bourbon & Water’. At this point, I began to think I had an album on my hands. I hadn’t intended to do an album—this was just a very organic creative process happening—and I didn’t have a concept or even a working title for the project. That’s when I channeled an old notion about the coyotes that live on the fringe of the city here in East Nashville. I got to thinking how that was emblematic of my relationship to Music Row and wrote ‘Coyote’. Suddenly, an album was taking shape.

‘Coyote’ is arranged chronologically in order of my experiences as a songwriter. It is autobiographical without being too literal. I moved to Nashville to be a writer. The song cycle that is Coyote is the artist, Douglas Wayne, revealed.

Lyrics and Liners


I had a ’71 Mustang convertible. And there is a Delaware beach road that is a perfectly straight line for about 20 miles. I was driving it one night thinking all was right with the world and feeling the cool, late night summer air in my face and glancing up at a billion stars… After a bit, lost in it, I got to wondering how fast I was going. Glancing down at the speedometer, the needle sitting on 110, I had a radical thought: “you might want to slow down.” I took my own advice, but only after couple more miles when I saw the lights of the next little beach town up ahead. 


That all wasn’t right in my world became evident a few weeks later. That rather harsh reality led me to follow the muse. I told myself then: “do the music.” And I did. So, this one is about a moment in Time that is a touchstone for me. “110” as I call it about a place and time many years ago that got me going down this road. As it turned out, 110 takes me where I want to go when I’m driving, cranking some tunes.

Straight line two lane beach road

Driving a buck ten at 2AM

Crankin’ Big Star September Girls

I had no idea then

How soon this thing was changing

Like a spinnin’ top spun out

Ain’t been back there in so long

Got no reason to go now


Doing a buck ten lost in it

2AM ain’t no regrettin’

A buck ten lost in it


Stuck in constant closed loop

With thoughts slowly rollin’

They drift in and out of

The sentence for the sin

And the price, boy, that you’re paying

Can sometimes be too much

Yeah ya live it breathe it 

Ya keep it close enough


Doing a buck ten lost in it

2AM ain’t no regrettin’

A buck ten lost in it


Yeah ya live it breathe it 

Ya keep her close enough…


Doing a buck ten lost in it

2AM ain’t no regrettin’

A buck ten lost in it

Image by Claus Grünstäudl


Douglas Wayne - guitars, vocals

Daniel Dennis - guitars, bass, drums, percussion

John Shaw - steel guitar

Lee J. Turner - keyboards

Mike Daly - pedal steel

Tim Lorsch - fiddle, cello

Madison Hardy Dennis - background vocals


Produced by D.W. DeHart and Daniel Dennis

Recorded at Prime Cut Studio, East Nashville, TN

Engineered and Mixed by Daniel Dennis

Additional recording done at Bias Studios, Springfield, VA

Engineered by Ken Barnum

Mastered by Brian Lucey, Magic Garden Mastering, LA


All tracks written by Douglas Wayne

©2021 Nikwasi West Music, BMI


‘Coyote’ ©2022 one horse nashville


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